What are people saying about 'Bury the Hot'?

"Couldn't put this book down. Very well written. I will reread this book. One of the best written holocaust books I have ever read."

"I found this book to be informative and compelling. We hear so much about the holocaust survivors of the camps but little about those that suffered and feared for their lives while in hiding."

"The explanations of Jewish culture and religion are fascinating and a bonus to anyone reading this book with no prior knowledge of these customs. I gave it 5 stars because I could not put it down and read it until the end with no loss of interest. "

"The author enables you to live as a bystander watching events unfold around you. You feel the relief of the victories and cry with the sadness of the tragic losses."

"I can't recommend this book enough as these stories are so important to our collective history."

"It's been a decade since I read a book that moved me like Deb Levy's 'Bury The Hot'."

"Bury the Hot, is an exceptional read, unparalleled in its approach to addressing the Holocaust. For anyone with an interest in history, for anyone with an interest in human nature and the aftermath of survival, this is an revelatory book."

"Once I started this book I could not put it down. Deb's ability to take a oral history and transpose it into an authentic story, draws the reader in so deeply - you can almost hear the characters speaking to each other."

"I took Bury the Hot on vacation and found myself so captivated that I kept wanting to get back to the hotel so I could read some more. The story itself is incredible, but I was also reading this book as a journalist, thinking what an amazing job the author did of reconstructing the subject's history, describing the fine-grain detail of his life, both before and after the defining events of his life."

"This book was amazing! I've read other Holocaust stories before, but this one was different in that it included the author's experience of hearing the story first hand."

"While it has some very dark moments, is ultimately an uplifting story."

"Deb Levy tells this true story of a Holocaust survivor as if she were there herself. You can feel the love amongst family members. You can smell and taste the food. Deb was changed by writing this story and I feel changed by reading it."

"A powerful book. You won't be able to put it down."